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Are you redy to get more clients, profit and faster operations?

Setting up is easy and takes just 2 hours.

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    Create an account

    Create an account on

    Follow the instructions on the website to add your restaurant details. It’s simple and only takes around 30 minutes to complete.

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    Add your menu

    To create a menu item, add in the name, description, ingredients, photo and price of each meal or beverage.

    The items will appear on the app straight away to be browsed and ordered by your customers.

    Depending on your menu, this part should take no longer than an hour to complete.

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    Add table stickers

    Add table stickers on your tables. The stickers make it easy for your customers to identify their table number when ordering through the app.

    You can order the stickers

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    You are all set up now. Do not forget to promote this new feature at your location; The app helps you to streamline your service, and ultimately save time for both you, and your customers.

    Do you have a unique restaurant, bar or a coffee shop. Let’s create an account


Do you have an unique restaurant,
bar or a coffee shop?

Let’s create you an account

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